Jotalab: thinking and action – conceptualize!
1. reality to experience unlimited creativity in order to create.

We are a team of artists from different categories of graphic design, advertising – corporate – editorial – illustration – audiovisual – web development and apps, dedicated to find creative and effective solutions to our customers’ design necessities.




Creating concepts – Visual communication – Packaging design – Illustration – Photography.


Logo design – Corporate design – Business cards & stationery – Brochures.


Advertising for magazines and newspapers – Ads for streets – Posters – Flyers.


Magazine – Books – Leaflets – Annual reports.


Websites – Blogs – Mobil & Web App.


Video marketing – Motion graphics.

They say

“I have worked with Jotalab on a number of design concepts, websites, publications, communication materials, and have found its work to be creative, timely and accurate. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a professional team. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thanks for your patience, hard work and dedication!”

– Milagros Lazo, Junior Technical Officer
Geneva, Switzerland – ILO

“Jotalab non è un semplice fornitore. È uno stretto collaboratore della marca Nikita Events. Estrema precisione, serietá ed accuratezza sono i principali attributi del gruppo.”

– Barbara Destefanis, Chief Production Officer
Barcelona, Spain – NIKITA EVENTS

“Nous avons eu le plaisir de travailler avec Jotalab, dans la création de la nouvelle image de notre Société. Nous sommes satisfaits des relations qui ont été tissées entre nous.”

– Alicia Romero, CEO
Algérie et l’Espagne – ARVACONSULTING

“Los trabajos que hemos efectuado con Jotalab reflejan personalidad y originalidad, simplemente son rebosantes de energía. Este equipo de diseñadores tiene la capacidad de identificar la esencia de cada proyecto y plasmar una gran idea de una forma sencilla y limpia. Sin duda, todos los proyectos que pasan por sus manos se beneficiarán de su talento, profesionalidad y exigencia.”

– Benjamín López, CEO
Estados Unidos y Nicaragua – OOQIA


How we do the things

· Forget the manual and begin to use common sense.
· We always put on the feet of the consumer.
· In everything we do we try to give a plus: analysis, creativity and functionality.
· We generate confidence through positive experiences.

· We present you with a high level of involvement.
· We believe in the formula of thinking and then execute.
· Critical and analytical attitude against any brief.
· Most importantly, consumers love the brand of our partners.

Through imagination let creativity flow in each of the project partners to bring innovative ideas to the table.
Analysing the needs of partners and based on the type of market we headed we shape the ideas generated.
Our commitment to our parteners is such that once delivered the product we still feel part of the achievements of our partners.


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Others projects
Extended portfolio on behance and flickr
Graphic Design, Branding, Advertising
Creative Department
Jotalab — Barcelona, Spain
Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, After Effects and Premiere


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Contact Info

Jotalab is formed by a team of artists who live in different cities around the world, Argentina, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua and Spain. The communication between the team and our partners is via the internet.